Can't be beat!

Can't be beat!


Here at AreaTrend we pride ourselves on two major priorities - selling brand new, brand name products at the lowest price available and providing the highest level of customer service possible. That is why we offer a Low Price Guarantee Program. Through this program, you are guaranteed to get the best deal through us on any item that we sell!

We will match the final price (for example, price of the item plus any shipping charges) of another website at our discretion, when all of the following criteria are met.

1. What we are matching cannot be from any auction sites.

2. The website we are matching must be a site located within the United States and must be an established site as determine by AreaTrend (typically this means the website needs to have at least a working phone number, of which is manned by customer service during a set number of hours).

3. The item that we are price matching must be same item with no modification of any kind. Different styles in the same series are not considered same models.

4. The dealer that we are matching the price must have the item in question in stock at the time of purchase.

To have us match the price on a particular item, please email us the URL where you found the same item for less. You can just copy and paste the URL from your browser into your email and then send the email to us at [email protected]. When we receive the email, we will visit that site and make sure that all the criteria are met. Once we have visited the site, if we determine that all the criteria are met, we may match the price. At that time we will notify you what price we can offer. Please note, the best price guarantee voids all offers including free gifts, coupons and any other promotional offers we may have at that time. If you have any questions about our low price guarantee guidelines, please contact us either by phone toll free 1-877-493-6847 or via email at [email protected].